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Quick, while Naya’s actually sleeping on her own, Lexi watching a video.

Oops. Spoke too soon. Naya now sleeping on my chest, so excuse any typos!

Ok, catch my breath!

Naya turns 6 weeks old tomorrow (Saturday). Look at my cutie!

What a different baby she is from Lexi. Lexi was a calm, easy, rarely fussed or cried baby. Even when she did cry it was a soft whimper. Naya? Totally opposite. When she’s hungry, she goes from calm/sleeping to SCREAMING like she’s being scalded. No build-up, no gentle cries to warm up. 0 to DefCon 5 in 3 seconds.
She also increases her intensity rapidly. In a few seconds she is doing that gagging, coughing rapid wail of newborns that just drives you nuts. As soon as she feels the bottle on her mouth, it shuts off like a switch.

Lexi was also happy and calm anywhere: swing, bouncy seat, tummy time, floor time, whatever. Naya is a tough cookie, she is happiest while being held. She’ll tolerate the swing, bouncy, tummy time, etc. for maybe 5 minutes before she’s fussing and gets upset. Same with the car. As long as I’m driving, Naya is calm. As soon as my tires stop for a red light or traffic…..the wailing begins.
Lexi was very interested in everything around her such as her little rattles and playmat. Naya is too, but loses interest/gets overstimulated a lot quicker than Lexi at the same age.

I’m not complaining, I know each baby is different, just interesting comparing the two.
Naya was born at 35 weeks, so I’m not sure if that actually counts as a preemie since 37 is full term, well, 40 is full term, 37 ok to deliver. Right? Help me out those who’ve been pregnant.
Anyway, I have to keep reminding myself that even if she was only two weeks early, in the life and rapid development of a newborn, 2 weeks is significant. Think of the difference between a 2 week old and a 4 week old. So, even though she “turns” 6 weeks tomorrow, is she, developmentally, a 4 week old? I have to learn more about this. I think her due date was around late January/early February and she was actually born Dec. 29.
Aside from the wailing, she’s a sweet baby. She’s been with us for 4 weeks and she already knows me and Lexi really well (spends all day with us). Naya will follow me EVERYWHERE with her eyes when I’m not holding her and will fuss if she can’t see me after about 30 minutes. She maintains eye contact for a long time too.
We’ve gotten a couple of sort of smiles. Naya REALLY likes Lexi. If both of us are playing with her, she will keep her eyes on Lexi’s face. She looks for Lexi whenever she hears her voice. And those sort of smiles have mostly been directed at Lexi.
Lexi keeps asking, in wonder, “Does the baby really know me? Does the baby really love me?”
Lexi is adjusting very well. She loves playing with and talking to Naya, calls her “my little cutie” all the time. She’s also been very understanding when I have to postpone doing something with her while I feed, change or hold Naya. She seems to get that Naya needs more physical care than her now.
As far as sleep? What’s that? I know this is just a season, Naya won’t be waking every few hours to eat forever.
Also, I recall friends with more than one child joking about “poor neglected second child” but I never really got that…till I have a poor, neglected second child! I’m exaggerating, but still. With Lexi I was with her/holding her/playing with her ALL. THE. TIME. I did the baby flashcards, songs, Gymboree, took her out everywhere, talked to her constantly. All her outfits were cute and matching, even if we were just home for the day. I was meticulous about sterilizing bottles and pacifiers, having all the baby gear and having it all just so.
I’m much more laid back with Naya. It’s enough that she’s dressed in something warm, I don’t have time or the energy to worry about matchy-matchy cute this time! I don’t ignore Naya, but, by default, she gets less of me than Lexi did. When I’m playing with, teaching or being with Lexi Naya is in the bouncy or swing (for as long as she’ll tolerate it). I don’t talk directly TO Naya as I did to Lexi, but Naya does hear plenty of conversation between me and Lexi!
Lexi’s atmosphere was quiet and calm. Naya’s can be hectic and loud with a very energetic and loud preschool Lexi running around!
So, life is good and sweet, if hectic and exhausting.

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