Written On Our Hearts: God, Love, Family


Well, after a week of bouncing around my parents’ house, friend’s house, etc. to find heat and power I am finally home and the power is on. Let’s hope it stays.

Today I plan to clean/vacuum/dust from all the Sandy leaves and mud tracked in, try to find our winter coats since it suddenly got cold, down into the 30’s at night, get overdue laundry done and try to catch up on phone calls and rescheduling appointments that were missed due to Sandy.

Lexi and I may go out later for a Target run.

I am down to one pair of pajama pants and when they are being washed….I’ve got nothing! So, I may pick up some PJ pants and slippers for winter. I’ve been wanting a robe too, so I’ll check those out too.

Lexi needs slippers for winter as well.

A friend with a daughter Lexi’s age may come over later since they still don’t have heat, the girls can play and us moms can visit.

A nice, comfy, cozy home day.

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