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Bragging About my Kid

 I hope to do NoJoMo this year so figured I’d better start warming up!

This entry is pure adoration and awe at my kid. Feel free to skip ahead. 😉

1. Last week Art and I went to get our fingerprints re-done since 2nd adoption has not happened yet. Lexi was with it. She is intensely curious about EVERYTHING and was fascinated by the process. The fingerprinting guy was very nice and let Lexi put her fingers on the screen to see her fingerprints. He then said, "wow." Turns out Lexi has a very rare fingerprint(s). Most people have 1-2 different designs (sworl, arch, tent, etc.). Each of Lexi’s four fingers had a different pattern. The guy said, "this is very rare. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and only ever seen one or two other cases of this." I knew God made her unique, now there’s physical proof! 

That was a week ago. Today she started playing, "fingerprint guy." She told me to come to the actual name of the street the real office was on. How she knew that or even remembered it is anyone’s guess! Her bedroom was the "fingerprint office." She had me put my fingers on her book and scanned them. Then said to me, "you have a tent and a double loop!" Again, I have no idea how she remembered the different designs! 

2. Lexi. as I said, is very curious about how things are made. Daily, literally, she asks me "how are _____made?" Fill in the blank with everything from cars to Band-Aids to books to iPads. She even asks "How are babies made?" But that’s for later. MUCH later. A few friends suggested I show her the sci-fi show How It’s Made. She liked it, of course. But then after said, "ok, but how do they make the machines that make those things?" I know, as her mama, that I think she’s awesome…but this is awesome! Her never ending spiral as she links things together and is constantly trying to figure everything out awes me. I should have known she was going to be a curious, bright kid when she began to read at 18 months. 

3. And, her curiosity finally brought me to a place I didn’t think I’d have to be for, I don’t know, at least another 7 years! Today she asked, "How did God make me?" So I talked about him putting her together in Sreymom’s belly (her birthmother) how he made her bones and muscles, skin and organs. She persisted, however, and said. "I know that..but Mommy… did God put me IN Sreymom’s belly? How did I get there?" I tried changing the subject…but she kept re-directing right back to "how did I get in there?" Luckily, we just pulled into our driveway and the promise of a yummy snack once we got inside finally got her off that track. I know her, though, and she’s going to ask again in a few days. When a question is not answered, she will NOT let it go till she gets an answer. I have no idea how to explain this to a three year old. 

4. First parent/teacher conference as a parent tomorrow at her preschool. She’s only been going for a couple weeks, so don’t know how much they’ll have to tell me, but should be interesting. 



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