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Flotsam and Jetsam

  •  we started an adoption fundraiser. But with adoption costs around $30,000 and being a one income family, we’ll take all the help we can get. If you want to donate, you can through using my email address
  • We’re asking people to donate $3.16 after John 3:16 in the Bible, its on facebook, if you know me there
  • at Target today we were shopping for underwear and Lexi says, "When I’m a mommy, even I can wear a bra!?" with such excitement. Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but when you are a mommy you will look forward to the end of the day when you can take that thing OFF! 
  • Went in to Target for TWO things: underwear for me and for Lex. Yeah. Came out with a basket full of stuff. What IS it about Target!?
  • We recently (today!) switched Lex’s preschool. She had been going to a local one with GREAT reviews and wonderful teachers, but…it was mostly play with some lessons thrown in around shapes, letters, numbers, feelings, etc. Which is exactly what preschool for three year old’s should be. But we feel it wasn’t a good match for Lexi. This is a GREAT school, just not one that fits right now. Since she knows all the basics, can read, do basic addition, we felt like we were paying $$ every month for her just to….play with the same toys she has at home. 
  • We switched her over to a Montessori school. 
  • Lexi will be challenged to work on tasks at the Montessori school that she wouldn’t in the other school. But, since its NOT just playing, I hope she adjusts without too much of a fight. She only went to the other school 3 days (1 week) so it’s not like we had a lot of time invested. 
  • How cool is this!? We told Montessori that we had already paid for September at the other preschool, so wouldn’t start Lexi until October to not waste money. The director said, "we want her and its best for her to be here. We will waive September’s tuition, no money due till Oct. 1." Wow!!! Things like that (and other things like the owner and director returning our calls, even after school hours) lead us to believe they do care about the children. Yes, it is a business, yes, they want to make money…but you can tell they truly do love what they do and love educating kids. The teachers there have been there YEARS, which says a lot!
  • Lexi had a nightmare the other night, it was strange. You wonder how their little brains work, you know? She woke up crying and said to me, "Why are the wolves chasing me?" When she woke up all the way I told her there were no wolves, mommy’s here and she said, "So, there are no wolves in the kitchen waiting to chase me?" Where did wolves in the kitchen come from!?
  • Going to a women’s day retreat at my church tomorrow: Beth Moore! So excited!
  • off to bed!

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