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Poop Cakes

Remember when I was all mad that Lexi was pulling a power play with getting potty trained?

And how I thought it would NEVER happen?
Well, um, sorry, I forgot to mention this…but right after that entry I just got tough and realized I was under the thumb of a 36′ tyrant.

So, we went cold turkey. No more “do you want underwear or a diaper today?”

It was underwear, except for sleeping at night. Period.

When Miss Thing started to fuss and whine, ask for demand a diaper to pee in I just ignore her. Flat out walked away. Went into another room. Shut the door if I had to. But that was it.
I remained calm, repeating “No. Pee goes in the potty” about a bazillion times a day.

When she realized that I meant business, was not giving in to the pee tantrums anymore, she…well, she was trained. Done.

From that day on she’s been 100% (pee) potty trained. She’s had one or two accidents when she waited to long to go and she couldn’t hold it anymore, but that’s it. I don’t even bring extra clothes/underwear out with me anymore. She’s done.

Amazing how my stubborn (and smart) kid gave up when I became the dictator, huh!?
Now, poop, that’s another story. She’s had poop issues for awhile. Even way before potty training, she’d sometimes hold it in for so long that she’d get constipated/need Pedia-Lax.

She just doesn’t like to poop.

So, since she still was getting a diaper for bed my clever girl figured a way out of having to poop on the potty. She would do one of two things: 1) Go poop as soon as she woke up, before we’d had a chance to take her diaper off or 2. Go as soon as her night time diaper was put on…necessitating a diaper change.
Since then, she’s very deliberate. She says she has to poop, asks for a diaper, goes to a specific corner of her room, asks me to leave for “privacy,” poops, then calls out to me, “I’m done!”

So, I realize she’s now at that power play stage with poop that she was with pee.

I got rid of the night time diapers and have pull-ups which we call “sleeping underwear.” We explained you can’t poop in sleeping underwear.
She asked if we could get more diapers. I said no. She was silent for a minute…and hasn’t pooped since. So, she got a Pedia-Lax today and I’m sure once that takes effect and she has no choice about pooping it will be drama over here for a day or so.

But I also know, from past experience with her, that the drama after a few days will go away and she’ll be poop potty trained.

Now, the store where we grocery shop has this amazing bakery. And they make these teeny, tiny little cakes, all decorated beautifully and in bright kid colors with little plastic toys on top.

Every week when we shop she begs and pleads for one because they are just so darn CUTE.

So (don’t judge me!) I….well….I told her they were “poop cakes” that the store makes for people who poop on the potty. That when she does that she gets to pick one out and eat the whole thing (these things are TINY, maybe the size of a muffin). I may even buy one for me, you know, since I poop on the potty, and eat it while she watches, but only if the drama drags on.

So, Operation P.I.T.T. (Poop In The Toilet) has begun!

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