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Throw me a life preserver!

If you read my last entry, you know things have been tough here for a little while.

The financial stuff keeps getting tighter and tighter. I may have to go back to work full time in the fall. I’ve got my resume out to a few school districts in the area. This also means putting Lexi in preschool/after care all day, 5 days a week or some kind of preschool and Daddy stay at home/work during the night mix.

PLUS (I am not making this up) as if the stuff before wasn’t enough, we got a call last week that my other brother, Paul, suffered a minor stroke, which is a blood clot in the brain, just a few months after my brother Neil suffered emergency surgery from blood clots. Both brothers were found to have ASD (arterial septal defect) which is what caused the strokes and blood clots. It’s basically a hole in the heart.
And it’s genetic.

So, I need to be tested. A lot of tests like echo cardiagram, stress test, something called PVR, ultrasounds of my legs to detect any blood clots forming, etc. Which will all be around $3000. And my insurance only covers around $500 of it.
Did I mention if I have this defect I could have a blood clot or stroke and die or be reduced to incapacity like my brother Neil?
So, having these tests and taking the measures I need to take if I have ASD are non-negotiable.
But the money is simply not there.

Every day I just lean on God and know He has a plan in all this. What the plan is, I have NO idea. But I’m going to trust Him anyway.
This is temporary! The financial stuff, the medical stuff is just a bad patch in our lives.

A year from now we’ll look back at this rough time and say, “whoa. only with God’s help did we make it through.”
I thank God for my dear friends who have been praying for me and letting me vent and whine and cry with them as we go through this.

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One thought on “Throw me a life preserver!

  1. It’s during this time that He’s carrying you. Other then the medical we have been in this place so often in the past few years. Every month we make it with God’s help and look back and can’t see how it happened. Recently selling our van was the only way we were able to play catch up.

    Praying for your brothers and you with this medical stuff. Insurance is useless sometimes.

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