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Poop Cakes

Remember when I was all mad that Lexi was pulling a power play with getting potty trained?

And how I thought it would NEVER happen?
Well, um, sorry, I forgot to mention this…but right after that entry I just got tough and realized I was under the thumb of a 36′ tyrant.

So, we went cold turkey. No more “do you want underwear or a diaper today?”

It was underwear, except for sleeping at night. Period.

When Miss Thing started to fuss and whine, ask for demand a diaper to pee in I just ignore her. Flat out walked away. Went into another room. Shut the door if I had to. But that was it.
I remained calm, repeating “No. Pee goes in the potty” about a bazillion times a day.

When she realized that I meant business, was not giving in to the pee tantrums anymore, she…well, she was trained. Done.

From that day on she’s been 100% (pee) potty trained. She’s had one or two accidents when she waited to long to go and she couldn’t hold it anymore, but that’s it. I don’t even bring extra clothes/underwear out with me anymore. She’s done.

Amazing how my stubborn (and smart) kid gave up when I became the dictator, huh!?
Now, poop, that’s another story. She’s had poop issues for awhile. Even way before potty training, she’d sometimes hold it in for so long that she’d get constipated/need Pedia-Lax.

She just doesn’t like to poop.

So, since she still was getting a diaper for bed my clever girl figured a way out of having to poop on the potty. She would do one of two things: 1) Go poop as soon as she woke up, before we’d had a chance to take her diaper off or 2. Go as soon as her night time diaper was put on…necessitating a diaper change.
Since then, she’s very deliberate. She says she has to poop, asks for a diaper, goes to a specific corner of her room, asks me to leave for “privacy,” poops, then calls out to me, “I’m done!”

So, I realize she’s now at that power play stage with poop that she was with pee.

I got rid of the night time diapers and have pull-ups which we call “sleeping underwear.” We explained you can’t poop in sleeping underwear.
She asked if we could get more diapers. I said no. She was silent for a minute…and hasn’t pooped since. So, she got a Pedia-Lax today and I’m sure once that takes effect and she has no choice about pooping it will be drama over here for a day or so.

But I also know, from past experience with her, that the drama after a few days will go away and she’ll be poop potty trained.

Now, the store where we grocery shop has this amazing bakery. And they make these teeny, tiny little cakes, all decorated beautifully and in bright kid colors with little plastic toys on top.

Every week when we shop she begs and pleads for one because they are just so darn CUTE.

So (don’t judge me!) I….well….I told her they were “poop cakes” that the store makes for people who poop on the potty. That when she does that she gets to pick one out and eat the whole thing (these things are TINY, maybe the size of a muffin). I may even buy one for me, you know, since I poop on the potty, and eat it while she watches, but only if the drama drags on.

So, Operation P.I.T.T. (Poop In The Toilet) has begun!

Throw me a life preserver!

If you read my last entry, you know things have been tough here for a little while.

The financial stuff keeps getting tighter and tighter. I may have to go back to work full time in the fall. I’ve got my resume out to a few school districts in the area. This also means putting Lexi in preschool/after care all day, 5 days a week or some kind of preschool and Daddy stay at home/work during the night mix.

PLUS (I am not making this up) as if the stuff before wasn’t enough, we got a call last week that my other brother, Paul, suffered a minor stroke, which is a blood clot in the brain, just a few months after my brother Neil suffered emergency surgery from blood clots. Both brothers were found to have ASD (arterial septal defect) which is what caused the strokes and blood clots. It’s basically a hole in the heart.
And it’s genetic.

So, I need to be tested. A lot of tests like echo cardiagram, stress test, something called PVR, ultrasounds of my legs to detect any blood clots forming, etc. Which will all be around $3000. And my insurance only covers around $500 of it.
Did I mention if I have this defect I could have a blood clot or stroke and die or be reduced to incapacity like my brother Neil?
So, having these tests and taking the measures I need to take if I have ASD are non-negotiable.
But the money is simply not there.

Every day I just lean on God and know He has a plan in all this. What the plan is, I have NO idea. But I’m going to trust Him anyway.
This is temporary! The financial stuff, the medical stuff is just a bad patch in our lives.

A year from now we’ll look back at this rough time and say, “whoa. only with God’s help did we make it through.”
I thank God for my dear friends who have been praying for me and letting me vent and whine and cry with them as we go through this.

This may surprise some of you.

Here’s my beef  chicken with the Chik-Fil-A situation. 

1. Believing in the Biblical definition of marriage does not mean you hate gays. Just as I don’t believe that adultery is right, doesn’t mean I don’t adulterers. I am against someone’s religious beliefs being labeled as hate. Disagree with a religion all you want, peacefully protest that religion, but don’t accuse the believers of hate. It diminishes the severity and meaning of hate. Hate is a powerful word, let’s save it for those instances where it really exists. 

I don’t hate gays (or adulterers or pre-marital sexers or people who’ve had an abortion) I disagree with their choice. They are welcome in my home, in our celebrations, as my friends, as my family with open, loving arms.

2. The First Amendment issue with Chik-Fil-A is a religious one, not necessarily a free speech one. The First Amendment gives us the right to practice our faith, denying a business a license to operate because of its founder’s religious beliefs is a First Amendment right. That business can not and should not refuse to hire/serve people that are in conflict with their religious views, but that business absolutely has the political right to have a license. 

Those who disagree with a businesses founder’s beliefs also, then, have the absolute right to protest (peacefully) and boycott that business. That is not the same as denying them a business licence. 

But, you say, what if a business owner’s beliefs were deeply racist or sexist? As long as that business doesn’t deny people of color and women service, they still have a right to operate. Would I protest them and boycott them? Darn tooten’ but I wouldn’t argue that they don’t have a right to exist. 

There are many companies (such as Google, Pampers) that support same sex marriage. I don’t make an issue about it, I don’t insist that they shut down, I don’t insist that their profits not go to same sex marriage organizations. I just disagree with them. I even use their products. Because I understand that disagreement is just that: disagreement, not hate. And if an LGBT friendly business was denied a business licence, I would actually support their right to operate and open. 

Beliefs are a First Amendent right. 

3. I am surprised at the vitriol that suddenly is erupting here. CFA has been, for decades, a Christian owned business who closes on Sundays. So when the founder expresses a Christian world view….why is everyone surprised and shocked and angry? Why weren’t they denied business licences before this? Why wasn’t there an outcry before this? Is it because he said his views? Which seems to be the conclusion. No outcry before his statements, outcry after. Then that, to me, is scary and chilling. It’s saying, “it’s ok to have your beliefs, just don’t talk about them.” 

4. But, you may argue, that the business, through its owner, gives profits to organizations I disagree with. Ok, then don’t patronize them. Don’t buy their product. Protest them. Tell everyone you know about what they do with their profits. But, this is the point here, a business owner has the right to use his profits any way he sees fit. 

Just as you have the right to spend your profits (salary) from your job any way you see fit, so does a business OWNER. He owns the business, therefore, the profits are his to do with as he sees fit. 

Just as before, if you dislike what he does with those profits, then, heck yeah, boycott, protest and tell it. But don’t try to stop him from spending his money in a way he wants.

I’m a teacher. What if I used my salary to give to organizations that my union disagreed with? Would the union have the right to tell me NOT to give to those organizations or believe in their message? Of course not.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When I was full time teaching, my union gave some of my dues to organizations I strongly disagree with. They spent my money on beliefs I oppose. 

But I let it go. I realize that, for the benefit of the union’s help and protection, I allow my dues to be spent as they saw fit. After all, my dues were their profit. 

So, let’s allow people to believe what they want, spend their money where they want, protest where they want, boycott where they want…but let’s not deny them business licences as that’s a blatant First Amendment right. 

Your thoughts?

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