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Slow and Steady

We are slowly getting back to “normal” around here. A few days after we got home from Virginia, my slipped disk in my shoulder/neck (that I’ve had for at least 20 years) flared up really bad. I went to the ER to get some relief. I usually have a mild to moderate flare up a few times a  year, but nothing I can’t handle. This time, I couldn’t even move. The ER gave me some intense pain meds and sent me home.

On a side note, I guess some people just don’t have the body chemistry to be a drug addict. Because when I was on the morphine and dialudid, I did NOT like it. I got so nauseous and hated that loopy feeling. I can’t imagine ever wanting to repeat it and take those again.

But I guess some people don’t understand “food addiction” like me and wonder why I can’t just put the dang chips down.


House is being tidied, with Art’s help, as I rest my shoulder. We moved around some money/bank accounts to be ready for another adoption match. My heart is starting to heal.

Every once in awhile, though, I get angry. I want to yell “give me back my kid!”

And before the baby, I was calm and just not worrying about the timing of our second adoption. Now that I’ve had a taste of baby, I want it to happen NOW. I’m anxious.

I need to let that go.

Summer here’s. It’s been beautiful out. We have season passes to six flags. Money’s tight, but we have enough to get by which is more than many people in the world even have. We have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, a good car that’s paid off and some $$ in the bank.

I’m going to relax so I can just enjoy the rest of my favorite season

Mom of…..what?

Ummmm……well…..I’m just gonna say it. We have a potential match. Art and I are headed to Virginia to meet a birth mom that picked us, baby born yesterday. Pray that all goes well and this goes through. Whoa. If this goes through, I’m gonna be a mom of TWO today! Already have guilt about Lexi….only child no more!

In potty training news……

A week ago Lexi “decided” she was ready. We went two days in underwear (except for night) with no accidents and Lexi cheerfully asking to go and getting excited when she did go (pee only).

Then she freaked out. Again. The third day she began whining and crying about underwear (again). She began to hold her pee (again) until she was dancing around. When I made her sit on the potty at that point, tears and drama ensued. But she’d sit there, crying, wailing until she peed. As soon as she did, the drama/tears/wails turned OFF like a switch.

So, I’ve been sticking with it, not wanting her to go backwards to diapers. She still will hold her pee until I make her go. She still cries the whole time on the potty-but it’s a lot less. It’s just a little whine rather than a full on tantrum. And when I ask her to stop…she will. She’ll just sit there with teary eyes and a pout until she pees, she’ll have the occasional accident when she waits too long (please tell me I’m not doing irreparable psychological damage here).

I also have her in those old school Gerber training pants with the thick, cotton bottom. I’m NOT paying for pull ups, which she treats just like a diaper anyway. If she has an accident, I put old school plastic pants over them. She HATES the plastic pants-they crinkle and are hot. We talk about if she goes in the potty, she doesn’t have to wear the plastic pants, it sometimes works. Today, she went in the potty I keep in the car while at the park rather than wear the plastic pants while playing. As long as the pee goes in potty, not her underwear she can be plastic pants free. And they are GREAT at keeping her pants dry. I don’t have to carry lots of pants now, just a few pairs of underwear and plastic pants when we go out.

I know my daughter. I know if I allowed the whining/crying to let her go back to diapers, she’d be even MORE fortified and stubborn about getting out of them. It’s a “win” that that will set her back.

Adoption Video

Here’s our adoption video, finally finished. What do y’all think?! If you know anyone who wants to place a child for adoption, feel free to pass this video on to them.




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