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Lazy Day!

Today was sunny, but windy and cold (ummm…it’s almost May, mmkay!) so Lexi and I decided to have a lazy pajama day. Item #1: don’t get dressed, PJ’s all day!

Then we:

1. read a ton of books snuggled in bed

2. ate breakfast

3. watched videos/I played online

4. made art with construction paper, glue, tape and stickers. Made a kite.

5. Went outside and flew kite (in our pajamas!!), came back in, too cold!

6. Played “ocean” in the tub to get Lexi warmed up: blue food coloring in the water and all her ocean toys.

7. Ate lunch while having a tea party.

8. Lexi played alone while I tidied up the house.

9. Looong nap, me included!

10. Now, yes, watching more videos as we wait for Daddy to come home….still in our pj’s!!

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One thought on “Lazy Day!

  1. Sounds like a fun day!!!!

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