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Clear lungs or insane child

So, after getting all the meds home a friend alerted me to be aware of the side effects (thank you!).  I begin to read the inserts/side effects. I notice on the Singulair that a possible side effect is aggression, violence, tics, neuropsychiatric disorders!


Ummm…..what? The doctor didn’t feel the need to tell me this?

So, I read a bunch of stuff online about kids taking Singulair that are going nuts hitting, screaming, extremely violent, even suicidal and as soon as they get off the med, they are fine.

So, I freak out a little about having to choose between Lexi breathing clear or being insane. Because all these websites also said that the drug did work a miracle in their kids breathing.

Art and I talked about it and decided to try it, Lexi was pretty bad off, not sleeping well due to her breathing issues. We agreed if she began to become insane, we’d call the doctor and take her off it right away. I don’t like giving Lexi meds but I don’t like her not breathing either.

Well, it’s been five days and…’s been a miracle with her breathing. Where she used to wake up 3-4 times a night with asthma attacks/coughing, she wakes up once for one quick cough, and sometimes not even that, she just sleeps through.

She used to wake up extremely congested with mucus dripping everywhere (sorry, I know that’s gross) and coughing a lot.

Now she wakes up clear and free breathing.

She used to snore with congestion every night.

Now, silent, peaceful sleep.

She’s a happier kid over all.

BUT (and everyone has a big but)….I’m watching her closely for violent behavior. And there have been a few instances of possible issues, but I can’t tell if its from the Singulair or if its just Lexi being three and strong willed.

She’s always been very opinionated (can’t tell you how many times we visit time out for her back talking-she’s starting to get better though) and very vocal. She’s always gotten frustrated when she can’t do something perfect and throws a little fit but the fit lasts maybe a couple minutes and she’s back to herself. She’s always been stubborn and strong willed. But never violent.

Since she started the meds there’s been two instances where I became concerned. In one I told her no about something and she looked at me with such anger that I’ve never seen in her before and slammed her fist down on the couch-she’s never done that before.

But then she got over it and happily went back to playing.

The other night, while Art was giving her a bath he tried to play with her by putting one of her bath toys in this little boat. She got mad and threw the boat against the wall-again, never done anything like that.

I’ve also noticed she’s throwing little things more too: when she finished eating she tosses what’s left on the floor. She hasn’t done that since around 15 months!

Each and every time of these instances she’s been disciplined.

But I’m driving myself nuts trying to figure out if its a phase, her testing boundaries or the Singulair…and if its the Singulair…is there worse to come?

Her next allergist appointment is May 1, so if we can make it to then, I’ll talk to the doc about other medicines.

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