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Hopefully, this works

Lexi has struggled with bad seasonal allergies since she was born, her birthmother also suffers from them. Her pediatrician has been managing the symptoms as best she could with Lexi being so young.

We were on a routine of Allegra allergy medicine in the mornings, and, when needed, a nebulizer treatment of Xopenex. But this year, it just stopped working. Either she’s immune to the meds now or her allergies are just getting worse.

Because, now, it’s causing these mini-asthma attacks where she wakes up three to four times a night gasping for air, choking-freaking me out!

So, finally, in an effort to get my baby some relief, I took her to see an allergist who specializes in children. After listening to her chest and hearing me describe what was going on, he confirmed what I thought: severe seasonal allergies that trigger a wheezing asthma attack.

He explained that the Allegra and Xopenex are rescue meds, meaning, she gets them when she’s already wheezing/having an attack and they help to ease her breathing. The goal now, he said, was to get her off those and on control meds so she doesn’t get to that point of having an attack (and needing the rescue meds) in the first place.

So, now she is on this cocktail:

Mornings: Nasonex spray (this should be interesting when I have to battle her to let me spray this up her nose, we’ll see tomorrow!) and a  nebulizer treatment of Budesonide.

Evenings: Cingulair chewables and another Budesonide treatment.

We are to do these meds whether or not she’s having trouble breathing; they are meant to keep her from having trouble breathing!

Let’s hope this works. My poor baby needs relief!!!

On a side note, my mom actually recommended this allergist. She sees him (he treats adults as well). He was awesome and great with Lexi. Of course, now I have to tell my mom she was right. Again.

Many times  at her parenting advice I shake my head….then try it in desperation….and she ends up being right.

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