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Bounce House = A Lot of Hot Air

Today I took Lexi to a Bounce House for her friend’s birthday party.

She had a great time with her friend, A. They held hands, danced around, laughed and giggled as only three year old girls can do. I am so grateful and honored we got to celebrate A turning 3!

However, ahem, Lexi is NOT a big fan of the bounce house (neither am I!).

Lex is a slow to warm up kind of kid, she likes to take her time studying something before she dives in.

She also doesn’t like it when it’s hot or too loud (oddly, that is exactly like me, despite having no bio connection); she doesn’t like things that are too high or kids that are too rambunctious.

The bounce house place was all of those things. She kept asking me to take her back into the lobby because it was “too woud! I don’t wike woud!”

She’s a nerd, a bookworm, a techie geek. She’d much rather sit and read or play an iPhone game than do loud, rambunctious, physical things-again, exactly like me.

So, after she went in the bounce house for a little bit, she sat herself down in the bench in the parent section, pulled out my iPhone and read her “Llama, Llama Red Pajama” book on it.

It so reminded me of….me. I always have a book with me. When I’m somewhere that’s too loud, crowded, whatever, I often retreat into a corner and totally lose myself in something to read.

When the bounce house lady announced “pizza time,” she calmly put the iPhone away and walked, like a little adult, down to the party  room and had a great (quiet!) time with A. eating pizza and juice!


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