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If we survive…

Today, Art and I are watching a friend’s kids for the day. One is almost two and the other is 3 and a half. Lexi just turned three. We’ve played with the girls quite a bit at playdates and they love hanging out and playing together. The girls also love me.

But still, 3! At once!? Art and I are joking that this is our “test” for having more than one child!

I’ve got a bunch of things planned in case they get bored: play-doh, going to the park, painting, Wii games, dress up…..

Stay tuned!


**EDIT** Day went well, the kids had a blast. It was not as hard as we thought but it was much busier than we expected. It was pretty much constant picking up, playing, picking up, eating, cleaning, picking up….

At the end of the day we were both SO exhausted!

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3 thoughts on “If we survive…

  1. Jamie on said:

    Welcome to my world! 😉

  2. My world too….Jamie – I don’t know how you do it with the twins…wow!!!!

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